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The Aikan Dojo is a member of the Chudokai Aikido Federation and has regular classes in Southern Oregon.
Updated:  11 Feb 2019


Grandmaster Jose Bueno's PSMA Seminars
Jujitsu, Kali, Arnis, Esgrima, Sambo, Silat

May 18 & 19 and Sept 14 & 15, 2019

Medford Judo Academy
104 W. 1st Street, Phoenix, OR

Saturday12:30 - 5:00 PM
Sunday9 AM - 12 PM

Training Fee:$45 Saturday & Sunday
                $35 Saturday Only
                $20 Sunday Only

PSMA Website:
For more information: 


Doctors Without Borders / Médecins San Frontières (MSF) Annual Benefit 
Self-Defense & Control Tactics Training,   May 13, 2017        (1st annual)

Post Event Letter Sent To Doctors Without Borders - along with checks totaling $1010.00

TO:    Doctors Without Borders

FR:    John Fox 
          Aikan Dojo, Director/Chief Instructor
          Aikido Yoshinkai & Progressive System of Martial Arts
          Advanced Instructor, On Guard, Control & Defensive Tactics

RE:    M.S.F. Fund Raising, Self-Defense Training Seminars

On May 13th of this year, I taught my first not-for-profit self defense seminar. Over the past twenty years, I had taught many such courses, but had always received payment for my instruction. With the help of 28 individuals, this particular event became a huge success. We had a total of 24 registered/paying individuals, 22 participants, 5 highly experienced instructors (from 3 different organizations) and were able to send $1,010.00 to M.S.F./Doctors Without Borders. This was such a positive experience for me that I have decided to repeat this event every year on the day before Mother’s Day, a US holiday. With this self-defense training, we were able to help compensate for the violence in our community, and at the same time to provide assistance to Doctors Without Borders who are on the front lines around the world treating the victims of war and nature.

I am a US Army Vietnam infantry veteran. Though I did not volunteer for that role in my life, I did achieve the rank of Sgt. E-5 and was awarded a bronze star and received two purple hearts. My war experience does not trouble me nearly as much, as the ongoing violence that continues to devastate families around the world. In 1986, I began teaching Aikido (a non-violent martial art) in low-income housing projects in Detroit, Michigan as a way to compensate for the violence that I had been witnessing around me and around the world. I am grateful for all of the valuable work that you do.

Sincerely, John Fox 

Instruction by Kevin Blok, Director & Chief Instructor   October 28, 201710am - 5:30pm (4 hour)
Control Tactics Without Physical Contact (Verbal & Non-Verbal) 
“On Guard – Non-Physical Crisis Intervention”
Gain benevolent control of human relationships: with associates in daily living, in personal family affairs, or in dealing with panicking or violent individuals.  

Location: Asante’s Smullin Center, rooms 102 & 104, Medford, OR  
COST: $125 (at the door),  $100 (early registration by Oct 24th), $75 See attachment for list of those who qualify for this discounted rate. (early registration required by Oct 24th)


Expandable Baton Course (4hr) w/ handbook & certification by On Guard, Control & Defensive Tactics International $100, available Oct. 26 & 29. Other courses could be scheduled if there is adequate interest. Course scheduling requires 6 pre-registered, w/payment, at least 7 days prior. For information on training options:  

John Fox e-mail:,  cell #: 541-621-3360,  Aikido:

Doctors Without Borders / Médecins San Frontières Annual Benefit 
Self-Defense & Control Tactics Training

Saturday, May 12, 2018  (All future dates: last Saturday in April)  12-5pm (w/ 1 hour break)

Aikan Aikido Dojo @ Medford Judo Academy, 104 W 1st Street, Phoenix, OR

Course Phases 1. Non-Physical Tactics: awareness, evasion, communications: verbal & body language, sending & perceiving   2. Pressure Point Control Tactics   3. Striking Targets: w/ elbows, knees, shin, head, etc.  4. Finger Control Tactics  5. Disarming: handguns, long guns, knives, objects  6. Using your knife defensively

This four hour course is an extremely effective system of techniques designed to neutralize an assailant’s power without inflicting serious damage. Portions of this course come from “On Guard Control and Defensive Tactics Training” which was officially adopted by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police for their Narcotics Investigation and Anti-Terrorist Training Programs, and it was also certified by the Oregon Dept. of Safety Standards and Training for use by Oregon law-enforcement agencies. The On Guard program has been incorporated into the security departments of many mental health care facilities, hospitals, and corporations over the US and Canada for over 25 years. The physical control tactics of On Guard originally came from: Yoshinkai Aikido (required training for the elite Tokyo Riot Police and all female officers since 1964), Pressure Point Control Tactics Management System, and the National Law Enforcement Training Center. Other portions of this training come from The Progressive System of Martial Arts (PSMA) using finger and knife tactics, as taught by Grandmaster Jose E. Bueno. All of the above mentioned training does require repetitive practice to acquire the highest level of efficiency. Follow up practice can be provided adjacent to our regularly scheduled Aikido classes. Your instructor, John Fox, is an On Guard Advanced Instructor, a Yoshinkai Aikido 5th degree black belt instructor, and a P.S.M.A. Instructor. He has 32 years teaching experience.  
​​​Enrollment Fee: 
Early $40 (72 hours prior), Late $60, Previous Graduates $20, 
Family Discounts: $10 discount for other family members
Financial assistance available for those who qualify. (application required 6 days prior)

All proceeds go to “Doctors Without Borders / Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF)”
It is recommended that you pay by check or money order payable to MSF, as above.
Last year we raised $1010.00 for this very worthy organization. They are always the first to arrive at the worlds worst crisis situations, whether they are caused my man or nature.

Contact John Fox cell # 541-621-3360,
ON GUARD website:
PSMA website: http://progressivesystemofmartialarts