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The Aikan Dojo is a member of the Chudokai Aikido Federation and has regular classes in Southern Oregon.
Updated:   23 November 2018
Aikan Dojo - GP
Web page of our affiliated dojo in Grants Pass, Oregon.

International Yoshinkan Aikido Federation   
Official web site of the style formed by Gozo Shioda Sensei. 

Chudokai Aikido Dojo 
Dojo established by Kevin Blok Sensei, Fox Sensei's instructor in Windsor, Ontario, Canada. 

ON GUARD Self Defense and Control
System of control and defensive tactics for violence intervention and prevention designed by Kevin Blok Sensei.

Seikeikan, Yoshinkan Dojo of Steven Miranda Sensei
Sacramento, CA located in Orangevale, CA  

The Progressive System of Martial Arts (PSMA)
PSMA is a blend of Kali, Silat, Arnis, Sambo, Esgrima, and Jujitsu. The late Grand Master Jose E. Bueno (1929-2016) founded the art by blending the Filipino stick and knife martial arts with the Japanese empty-hand martial arts, Russian Sambo, and Indonesian Silat into a dynamic, powerful, and integrated system.

This is The Edge
A non-profit charity staffed by experienced volunteer mentors that was developed for middle and high school students in Southern Oregon and Northern California to promote non-violent peer interaction, acceptance of others, and cooperation within school communities.

Aikido, Self-Defense, Progressive System of Martial Arts
Local Interest

Visit Medford 
Information on interesting sights in Medford

Today In Ashland Website
Events and activities for the city.

Online Highways - Travel Guide To Oregon 
Information guide to other points of interest in the state.

Oregon Shakespeare Festival
Our famous local theatre performing classic and contemporary drama.

Britt Festivals
An outdoor performing arts stage in the gold rush town of Jacksonville, where you will also find several five star restaurants and many small shops. 

Mt. Ashland Ski Area
A place to enjoy the powder in our local region.

Crater Lake National Park
The cataclysmic eruption of Mt. Mazama created Crater Lake, America's deepest lake, nearly 2000 feet deep. The depth creates the most amazing bright blue water. The eruption was one of the largest of any in the Cascade Mountains, releasing 75 times more material than the 1980 eruption of Mt. St. Helens. The park typically has 8-16 feet of snow on the ground during the winter. Summer or Winter, one beautiful spot.

Southern Oregon State Parks
Since you're staying here anyway, why would you want to sleep in a motel?

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