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The Aikan Dojo is a member of the Chudokai Aikido Federation and has regular classes in Southern Oregon.
Updated:   2 October 2018
John Fox Shihan (Master Instructor)is the Director and Chief Instructor of the Aikan Dojo. He began Aikido in 1981 and graduated from instructor's courses under both Takashi Kushida Sensei (20 months) and Kevin Blok Sensei (37 months). Fox Sensei, the Chief Instructor of the Aikan Dojo, is a Yoshinkan Aikido 6th degree black belt and an On Guard Advanced Instructor with 31 years teaching experience. He has been a guest instructor in Bosnia-Herzegovina, Vietnam, Thailand, and Costa Rica, and several cities across the United States and Canada. He has experience in Tai Kwon Do and Shotokan Karate (3.5 years), and Judo (3.5 years), and the Progressive System of Martial Arts. (15 years). Fox Sensei was a student of Grandmaster Jose E. Bueno since June of 2003, in his P.S.M.A. (Jujitsu, Arnis, Kali, Esgrima, Silat, & Sambo). He was promoted to Shodan by Bueno Sensei on March 26, 2011, and has also been teaching this system since 2010.

Fox Sensei was a Sgt. in the U S Army, Infantry in Vietnam (5/68 - 6/69). In Detroit, Michigan, Fox Sensei was the Founder, Director & Chief Instructor of the Aikan Aikido Dojo in a low income, high crime, housing project, three days a week, for almost 8 years. There, he taught Aikido to youth & adults on a not for profit basis. During that time he also conducted several Non-Violent Resolution of Conflict seminars for S.O.S.A.D. (Save Our Sons & Daughters) in Detroit. He is the U.S. West Coast Representative of On Guard International (Control and Defensive Tactics Training Systems). Fox Renshi has also assisted Blok Hanshi with defensive tactics courses at the Canadian Police College in Ottawa for the R.C.M.P and with security administration classes at St. Clair College in Windsor. He was promoted to 5th degree black belt by Blok Hanshi in November 2006 and holds an international teaching license from Japan. Fox Renshi is a professional instructor teaching Aikido, P.S.M.A.,  and Self Defense classes at the Medford Judo Academy in Phoenix, Oregon.
Shant Palanjian Sensei began training in 1988.  In 2009, John Fox Renshi awarded the Shodan promotion.  In 2011, Kevin Blok Kyoshi awarded the Sandan promotion.  He is honored to have received insight, inspiration, as well as the joy of Aikido from Kevin Blok Kyoshi, John Fox Renshi, Danielle Smith Sensei (Aikikai), Lori Parker Sensei, and Wayne Tourda Sensei. Palanjian Sensei studies Aikido with Fox Renshi, teaching as needed, assisting with teaching, as well as teaching all adult and youth classes in the Grants Pass, Aikan Dojo, as it’s Director and Chief Instructor. He works in the information technology field and enjoys hiking and waterfall viewing.
 John Fox Sensei (Godan)
 Shant Palanjian Sensei (Sandan)

Richard began his Aikido training on September 19, 1995 with Fox Sensei. He was promoted to Shodan on May 20, 2000 by Blok Kyoshi. Richard is a professional translator of Japanese and Chinese writing. He has studied classical guitar for well over 40 years. He enjoys long walks.
 Richard Blankenship (Shodan)

Andy Davis Sensei (Shodan)
Stephen Croft (Shodan)
Andy Davis Sensei began his Aikido training with Fox Sensei on October 3, 1996. He was promoted to Shodan on July 24, 1999. Andy gained the title of Sensei when he began teaching his own classes in the Aikan Dojo in 2000. Andy was hired by the Jackson County Sheriff's Dept. in 2001, becoming one of their Control & Defensive Tactics Instructors in 2003. He was later promoted to Sergeant and became the Chief Instructor in that unit.
Stephen began his Aikido training with Fox Sensei on Feburary 8, 2005. He was promoted to Shodan on July 25, 2015. He regularly assists in teaching adult classes. Previously he was a  student of Chip Wright's Champion Karate. Stephen has managed several business: appliance stores, restaurants/night clubs, advertising agencies, and was a history teacher in the public schools.  
David Fennell (San Kyu)
   & Zachary Fennell
Rev. David Perham (San-Kyu)
       & Annabelle Aung

Youth Program Instructors
David Perham has been a Pastor at Hornbrook Community Bible Church for the past 8 years. He is a Registered Nurse and has worked in Labor and Delivery and the Medical/Surgical unit. He served as an officer in the Marine Corp. David has shown that even with injuries and various health issues that Aikido is an art of which anyone can be a participant. He really has a love for kids and wants to see them become the very best they can be! David and his wife Jennifer have two girls and have lived in Siskiyou County for 18 years.  ​
Dave Fennell has been an administrator at Grace Cascade Christian Schools for the past 12 years. He has served in a variety of capacities including Athletic Director, Assistant Principal, PE Instructor, Economics Instructor, Life Skills Instructor, Advancement Director, and Fly Fishing Instructor. Dave has his AA in Criminal Justice, his BS in Business Administration, his MA in Exercise Science, and his IAL. He really has a love for kids and wants to see them become the very best they can be! Dave and his wife Christine have three boys and have lived in the Rogue Valley for 13 years. They enjoy camping, hiking, surfing, fishing, reading, and being active.